好煮播 Good Cook Channel

Good Cook Channel is an online platform for teaching cooking skills. It produces some videos and uploads them to its website and several social platforms. The videos aim to teach and share cooking skills. The majority of well known traditional dishes will be taught and cooked with the use of simple ingredients and creativeness.


高燒 Go Fever

Go Fever brings in disruptive business models to the medical and health sector, by reworking the outmoded medical and health promotion concepts with innovative digital marketing strategies, and by creating business collaboration through digital media distribution across diverse industries.



Social-enabled NFT marketplace for everyone. Purchasable Instagram for Everyone to Create, share and sell editioned digital creation to your community.


Money Money

Money Money作為一隻打工狗,目標係要做個有錢人!平日最大興趣係搵盡各大慳錢奇招同埋著數優惠,立即Follow我哋,幫你搵出全城抵玩抵食抵買優惠 + 了解各大信用卡最update獨家迎新優惠,幫你慳到盡、賺到盡!至理名言:記得儲錢同時都要識享受生活!有冇錢都可以任性!